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We have a big announcement:

Blue Evolution has a new look!

We’ve been working behind the scenes for over a year to create BRAND NEW PACKAGING for the seaweed infused pasta that you’ve come to love - and we’re so excited to finally show it off. This fresh rebrand focuses on nutrition and the beauty of seaweed with a new logo, packaging, and updated product messaging. Blue Evolution Pasta with Superfood Seaweed has always been high in iodine and a good source of iron and magnesium, but now we’re highlighting these important nutrition facts right on the box.

And don't forget: our packaging is made from recycled materials, our boxes are printed with vegetable-based inks, and the window on the box is derived from plants. We're sustainable to the core!


“As our name suggests, we are about continual improvement. And while we’re extremely proud of our pasta and all the doors it has opened for us, we want to up our game with regards to visual appearance and messaging” explains Beau Perry, our founder and CEO. “The main advantages we really want to communicate with our new branding are the nutritional benefits that go along with the delicious flavor, texture, and appearance of the pasta itself. And while we were at it, because we think seaweed is so beautiful (visually and otherwise), we decided to explore the graphic element of seaweed as part of the process.”


About Blue Evolution

Blue Evolution is on a mission. We grow our own tasty, nutritious seaweeds to enhance peoples lives and create a deeper connection to the ocean.

Check out our video below to learn more!

Beyond sustainable, seaweed regenerates the waters in which it grows, absorbing carbon from the ocean and alchemizing seawater and sunshine into healthy food. With a fast-growing array of seaweed infused consumer packaged goods, on- and off-shore farms in Mexico and Alaska, and unique processing capabilities, we are introducing consumers to all the delicious ways that seaweed can enrich their lives.


“The Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. When it comes to food labeling, third-party certifications are best because they ensure the claim is unbiased, rigorous, and transparent.” via

I believe seaweed is in many ways the most virtuous material on earth
— Beau Perry, Founder