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Join the Seaweed Revolution

Based on our love of surfing, diving and all things related to the sea, Blue Evolution was created to craft wholesome foods that nourish our population and our planet with seaweed. We responsibly grow and harvest our own premium seaweed up and down the Pacific coast with sunlight and love. The nutrient-rich seaweed is so mild, you can savor the classic taste of your favorite foods while enjoying a seaweed-superfood boost that your body will love as much as your taste buds.

Wooden bowls and spoon with sea lettuce ingredients.
Penne with Pesto in white bowl.

For thousands of years and for millions of people seaweed has been a dietary staple.The so-called “new kale” is chock-full nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and fats that are necessary for you and your family to thrive. We only cultivate seaweeds that are destined for your plate; the ones that are delicious, nutritious and pure.

We like to say it’s “Umamilicious!”