Why Blue Evolution?

Beau Perry Blue Evolution Sea Lettuce

Why Blue Evolution?

Blue Evolution is a company based on a simple and powerful idea: that we can enhance our lives through a deeper connection to the ocean. Specifically, by growing seaweed, we can add nutrients to a healthier diet, restore ocean ecosystems, and create a new climate-friendly "blue economy". That’s a critical opportunity for evolution, a three-for-one deal that benefits consumers, coastal communities, and the planet.

This is why our team works hard every day to:

  • Find new species to cultivate

  • Build new farms to grow our delicious seaweed

  • Train farmers to produce this saltwater crop

  • Produce seaweed ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals

  • Manufacture innovative foods designed to please your palette

  • Bring our seaweeds and pastas to you to enjoy as part of a better meal

So when you eat Blue Evolution’s products, you’re changing the world for the better. You're creating environmentally-friendly jobs in places that badly need new work. You're pulling carbon from seawater, which helps to reverse ocean acidification. You’re driving an important shift in our food system towards a more nutritious, plant-based diet that better aligns with the wellbeing of future generations.

Consider our farms in rural Baja, Mexico where land-based agriculture is struggling to deal with the constraints of drought. We’ve built the country’s first commercial seaweed farm - one that requires no fresh water, thus creating a model for economic growth that doesn’t draw down on dwindling aquifers. Baja suffers from a uniquely high rate of ocean acidification, and the seawater leaving our farm has a pH level that is a full point higher than when in comes in. This has a positive impact on nearby marine ecosystems, buffering shellfish and crustaceans from the effects of acidification. New climate-friendly jobs are being created as we expand, allowing local people to earn wages that does not depend on heavy resource use. Whether or not it rains, these jobs are safe into the future, and can increase in number over time.

The catalyst here is your purchases. When you buy Blue Evolution, you allow us to invest in expansion and improvements of this virtuous food source. Using a fork, we can literally eat our way to a better world, and if we’ve done our job it should be a delicious experience. When I feed my family Blue Evolution, we talk about all the hard work that went into it and why it’s so important, amazing, and fun to grow seaweed.

We hope you’ll enjoy not only our products themselves, but also the experience of sharing a deeper connection to the ocean and a healthier and happier future.

So thank you for your business. Please help us spread the word about this important effort to be the change we believe in.

In deep gratitude,

Beau Perry
Blue Evolution