Earth Day 2019 Beach Clean Up

Earth Day 2019 Beach Clean Up

As a company focused on sustainability, ocean health, and saving the world through seaweed, Earth Day means a lot to us. We don’t just care about the environment - we are committed to help saving it. To that end, our kelp farms in Kodiak, Alaska create additional nursery habitat for marine organisms and deacidify the surrounding seawater, creating a halo effect which helps protect shellfish from the impacts of carbon dioxide emissions. Our processing in Kodiak runs on nearly 100% renewable energy and we’re working hard to make the whole supply chain emissions free. Furthermore, we’re able to use a substantial amount of recycled fishing gear out on our grow lines in Kodiak and we even recycle many of our floating corks from Dungeness crab pots!

Our onshore sea lettuce farm in Baja Mexico uses no fresh water, which is critical in a major agricultural region that is struggling with an extended drought. The seawater that we send back into the ocean is actually cleaner than it was when we put it into our tanks. We’ll be certifying this farm as organic this spring, which will make it one of the few organic certified onshore farms in the world.

Seaweed is a regenerative ocean plant, taking in the excess carbon dioxide from surrounding waters and using it for photosynthesis. That process helps deacidify the ocean, making it safer for ocean life and all of us. So by sustainably farming hundreds of thousands of pounds of seaweed every year we’re creating more opportunity for new sustainable livelihoods, healthier oceans, more nutritious food, and a better world.

We’re fortunate to be in a position where we can do big things for the Earth, but not everyone has that ability, and that’s ok. Even little, seemingly insignificant changes make a huge impact. So for Earth Day this year, our small but mighty team of ocean-loving explorers, surfers, salty dogs, parents, and human people decided to do some small things together for the greater good. We met in regional teams across the west coast for beach clean ups, all the way from Alaska to Mexico. Some of us broke bread together with our families and some of us went out on solo excursions, but all of us made an impact. And you can too.

If Earth Day inspires you to do something good for the environment, join us! Take a garbage bag, gloves, and a (reusable!) bottle of water to your local park, beach, or hiking spot and pick up some trash. Or maybe commit to taking public transportation (or walking or biking) to work a few times a week to keep your carbon footprint low. Say, “no, thank you” when asked if you’d like a straw with your drink at lunch (and breakfast, and dinner!); bring reusable bags to the grocery store (including reusable produce bags like these); and encourage your workplace to ditch the plastic cutlery in favor of actual silverware - because turning down single-use plastics and re-training ourselves how to live sustainably will make the biggest impact of all.

We’d love to see your Earth Day inspired deeds! If you need some more inspo, check out this post from Popular Science on more ways to make a difference. Tag us on Instagram @blueevolution and use the hashtag #earthdaychanges so we can keep up and help encourage you along the way.

Stay salty friends!

Katie Tessitore
Blue Evolution