The Blue Evolution To Which We Aspire

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An Earth Day note from our CEO

As CEO of Blue Evolution I wanted to take this Earth Day to introduce myself and talk about our company’s enduring commitment to the environment.

Since childhood, I’ve always cared deeply about the environment, and the ocean in particular. I love surfing, kayaking, diving — anything that has me in or near the sea. Simply watching the beach makes me feel good in a way that is hard to put into words. Even just thinking about the sea brightens my day.

The ocean is Earth’s defining feature, the cradle of life itself, and it belongs to everyone. It connects us, feeds us, inspires us. I’m endlessly fascinated by its wildlife, physics, and mythology. It’s beauty and power has been extolled by authors and artists for millennia.

A love of the ocean is something I share with billions of people, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make it the theme of my work. And not just to work in the ocean, but for it — to be able to give back.

Blue Evolution is my best effort to do right by our blue planet. Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through a deeper connection to the ocean. For us that means growing nutritious, ecologically beneficial seawater crops, and turning them into delicious foods for you and your family to enjoy. And more than that, we want to share stories and information about the research, cultivation, harvest, and processing — we believe you deserve to know where your food comes from and will greatly enjoy learning about the work that goes into.

And importantly, this deep connection goes two ways: your choices of what foods to buy can help the ocean and our planet in powerful and tangible ways.

Every time you buy one of our products your dollars go towards an investment in our regenerative mariculture; helping build a new food system that actually pulls carbon out of the ocean, improves marine habitat and reduces our reliance on resource-intensive sources of nutrition. You also create new, more sustainable livelihoods in coastal communities — helping them better balance their economic well being with critical and sensitive local ecosystems. And if we do our job and make our products tasty, we hope you’ll find that its an easy way to make a big difference — not just once a year, but every time you eat our seaweed. We’re working hard to give you chance to make Blue Evolution a part of your everyday meals.

Seaweed has a lot to offer — it's delicious, it has high levels of unique and critical nutrients, and it can be grown with less resources than just about anything else you can consume. It doesn’t require any fresh water, nor soil. It takes very little energy to produce. And there’s lots of room to grow. Seaweed crops are poised to feed the world, supplying a healthier diet that doesn’t deplete the planet’s ecosystems, but rather helps to restore them.

One of the most exciting environmental benefits of seaweeds is their ability to de-acidify the ocean, by pulling significant quantities of carbon out of seawater as they grow. Our farms create local halo effects, buffering marine organisms nearby from the threat posed by rising emissions.

In Mexico our onshore seaweed tanks pull in water with a pH often below 8 and discharge it with an average pH of 9, sometimes 10 or above. In Alaska our offshore farms have a similar buffer effect and also create additional nursery habitat for countless marine species during the crop season — hosting juvenile shrimp, crab, and fish.

Our team takes tremendous pride in building a food systems for the future by innovating new technologies, establishing seaweed farms in new regions, and developing new seaweed-based products. It entails a number of challenges, but we feel it worth it — both as a business and for the planet. As the people behind this company we see our mission as a calling and opportunity to improve ourselves, our customers’ lives, and our environment.

That’s the Blue Evolution to which we aspire. We hope you’ll join us this Earth Day, and every day, to be the change our ocean and planet deserve.

With deep gratitude,

Beau Perry
Blue Evolution