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Flourless Super Seaweed Kelp Brownies

“I was recently tasked with a very fun project by my friends at Blue Evolution: to develop some untraditional kelp recipes to highlight their beautiful Alaskan kombu and wakame. My mind went a million different directions and somehow I landed on chocolate (!) and my favorite brownie recipe by David Lebovitz. Can one even put seaweed into brownies? Well as it turns out - you can!” - Tori

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Scrappy Vegetable Stock and Noodle Soup

With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re thinking of ways to create less waste and prevent plastic packaging from ending up in our oceans. Making your own veggie stock is a great way to use up the tail ends of your vegetable scraps, and skip non-recyclable packaging altogether. Check out this recipe from Closed Loop Cooking to find out how!

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