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Earth Day 2019 Beach Clean Up

We’re fortunate to be in a position where we can do big things for the Earth, but not everyone has that ability, and that’s ok. Even little, seemingly insignificant changes make a huge impact. So for Earth Day this year, our small but mighty team of ocean-loving explorers, surfers, salty dogs, parents, and human people decided to do some small things together for the greater good.

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Why Blue Evolution?

Blue Evolution is a company based on a simple and powerful idea: that we can enhance our lives through a deeper connection to the ocean. Specifically, by growing seaweed, we can add nutrients to a healthier diet, restore ocean ecosystems, and create a new climate-friendly "blue economy". That’s a critical opportunity for evolution, a three-for-one deal that benefits consumers, coastal communities, and the planet.

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The Blue Evolution To Which We Aspire

Our team takes tremendous pride in building a food systems for the future by innovating new technologies, establishing seaweed farms in new regions, and developing new seaweed-based products. It entails a number of challenges, but we feel it worth it — both as a business and for the planet. As the people behind this company we see our mission as a calling and opportunity to improve ourselves, our customers’ lives, and our environment.

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