Boosting Your Immunity With Seaweed

Blue Evolution Seaweed Beach Play.jpg

Seaweeds offer an impressive array of nutrients and minerals that you and your family need to thrive, and they also pack an immunity boosting punch that can be helpful during cold and flu season. Fall may be gorgeous, but I’m not excited for all those germs my kid brings home from school.

As Davida Mitchell, L.Ac. recently mentioned over on Motherly, seaweeds can deliver two of the most important vitamins for immunity: Vitamins A and D. And holler, “they’re much more effective for preventing and reversing colds and flus when taken together,” she says. Thanks, seaweed!

Iodine and zinc also play important roles in our immunity but many Americans don’t get enough of them, says Mitchell. “Finding food that naturally contains iodine is difficult; the only significant sources of it are seaweeds, seafood, and dairy.”

And not only is seaweed chock full of immunity boosting vitamins and minerals, but they’re highly bioavailable, meaning our bodies absorb them more readily than pill-based supplements.

They really are magical plants. Seaweeds are even thought to be responsible for modern brain development and evolution of man! Seaweeds offer so many of the crucial nutrients we need both while we’re healthy or suffering with a cold, “but be sure to source your seaweed sustainably and as locally as possible,” advises Mitchell.

Staying healthy and well all winter means you can enjoy all the cool weather comforts, too! Comfy blankets, warming fires, and movie marathons are on our docket. Topped off of course with Blue Evolution’s sustainable, North American seaweed infused Shells and Cheese for some extra coziness.