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We’re seaweed people, first and foremost. We are an ongoing collaboration of ocean-loving visionaries, foodies, seaweed geeks, moms, dads, salty dogs, artists, alchemists, surfers, and explorers all dedicated to changing the world with seaweed. 

By farming seaweed, we sustainably source nutrition from the ocean, reduce dependence on freshwater for food production, and mitigate ocean acidification. 

Join us as we nourish both people and planet.

We Grow Our Own

Roughly 98% of the seaweed we consume in the U.S. is imported. We brought harvesting seaweed closer to home – cultivating our own seaweed in farms along the Pacific Coast. All of our seasonings and pastas are infused with the highest quality seaweed you can find, naturally grown in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

We use our magical seaweed farming powers for good, to reduce the world’s dependence on freshwater food production, shift our food system towards renewables and de-acidify the ocean. When seaweed is responsibly harvested, it’s not only delicious and incredibly nutritious, but it also has the power to literally change our climate equation.

We are delighted to bring you these amazing seaweeds, connect you to the places they come from, and the people who harvest them.

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Our Team


Beau Perry

Beau is the Founder and CEO of Blue Evolution. A mariculturist and entrepreneur, Beau manages Blue Evolution's strategy and direction. The sea provides Beau endless inspiration and rejuvenation and he spends his free time surfing the waves and thinking up ways to save the world.


abizer khairullah

Abizer is our COO. He comes from the produce industry with experience in large scale manufacturing and turning concepts into commercial products. He has worked with/for McCormick, ConAgra, Dole and other companies. He loves nature, wildlife, and is inspired by the vision of the sea being a new frontier for food agriculture.


Luke Knowles

Luke is our Vice President of Operations. He's responsible for all the behind-the-scenes activities related to growing and drying our seaweed (from Baja California to Alaska) and turning it into our deeply satisfying consumer products. He loves the connection to the wild that seaweed farming provides.


Katie Tessitore

Katie is our Executive Coordinator. She is not only responsible for keeping all the office trains running and the employees paid, but she also manages our social media, digital marketing, brand management, and graphic design. She joins us from Krave Jerky and has a background in psychology.


Justin Pratt

Justin is our National Sales Manager for CPG and he comes to us most recently from Bounce Foods. He's worked with both emerging brands and established companies and he's responsible for sales strategy and brand growth.



nate schlachter

Nate is our National Sales Manager for Ingredients. He directs our strategy by engaging restaurants, foodservice providers, and manufacturers. Nate has spent his entire career in the natural food industry and cares deeply about the intersection of food and sustainability.


Emmanuel Luders

Emmanuel is our Quality Assurance and Production Manager at our onshore farm in Mexico. He's responsible for managing the seaweed production at every level.


carlos chambon

Carlos is our Farm Director in Eréndira, Baja California. He oversees our onshore seaweed cultivation, but has spent much of his career offshore: as a student of marine biology and aquaculture, a transatlantic sailor, a deep sea diver for sunken treasure, and as a marine assistant for the movie Titanic.

Lexa Meyer.jpg

Lexa Meyer

Lexa is our Alaska Mariculture Manager, overseeing hatchery operations and processing in the 49th state. She’s been a fisheries biologist at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and also commercial fishes for salmon with her husband in the kelp offseason. She is excited by the economic opportunities and ecological benefits kelp farming provides.


Laura B. Chanes

Laura is a food engineer from Ensenada, Mexico with decades of experience creating culinary delights and working with seaweed recipes. Her genius in the kitchen started the journey that resulted in our first product line.


Jose Zertuche, PhD

Dr.  Zertuche is our Seaweed Biology and Cultivation Specialist. A brilliant scientist, he is responsible for the farm system that gives us this amazing seaweed. He conducts research and teaches at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.


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