Alaskan grown Kelp for foodservice

Blue Evolution is one of the largest growers of regenerative seaweed crops in North America. With nearly all seaweed consumed in the U.S. imported, we are working to disrupt this market and sustainably grow our seaweeds in clean waters closer to our consumers. We operate the largest seaweed hatchery in North America and have just over 60 acres of open ocean farm off the coast of Kodiak Island, Alaska. We grow our seaweeds in partnership with local, family-owned farms.  This provides sustainable income for future generations in these remote and struggling coastal fishing populations.  Our two seaweed varieties: Ribbon Kelp (wakame) and Sugar Kelp (kombu), are blanched and frozen within hours of harvest to preserve color, taste, and nutritional value. Seaweed is an emerging superfood trend in North America with a long history of consumption across the globe, and we are excited to be at the forefront of West Coast expansion. Seaweed has a number of wonderful benefits. It is a powerhouse of nutrients and is high in Magnesium, Iodine, Manganese, and Vitamins A, C, & E. AND our products stand at a special intersection of being economically, socially, and environmentally regenerative. We would love to share how this special plant can be included on your menu.

alaskan Kombu

Cultivated in the pristine waters of Alaska, our Kombu or Sugar Kelp (Saccharina) is slightly sweet and full of umami. Similar to Japanese Kombu, this kelp is delicious on its own, as a salad, or bowl, or as an addition to a soup.

Alaskan Wakame

Cultivated in the pristine waters of Alaska, our Wakame or Ribbon Rilp (alaria) is a more mild seaweed. Similar to Japanese Wakame, which is used in seaweed salad and miso soup, our Alaskan Wakame is versatile and delicious.


Are you a distributor, restauranteur, chef, manufacturer, corporate cafeteria buyer, or grocery prepared food buyer who is interested in carrying our Alaskan grown seaweed? We want to hear from you!

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