Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why seaweed?

A: Always seaweed! Seaweed is a densely nutritious sea vegetable that uses NO freshwater for growth nor does it use arable land, sparing our precious soil that has dramatically degraded due to intensive terrestrial agriculture. With sunlight, seawater, and love we can produce volumes of nutritious and delicious food for a growing population, sustainably, and humanely. We hope you'll fall in love with it just as we have.


Q: Does seaweed infused pasta even taste good?

A: No. It tastes DELICIOUS. The delicate and mild flavor enhances any dish with its subtle umami punch, delivering an exceptionally fulfilling culinary experience. It pairs perfectly with any of your favorite pasta sauces and is the star in a cold pasta salad. Check out our blog page for tons of recipe inspo!


Q: Is seaweed good for me?

A: It’s actually great for you. For thousands of years and for millions of people, seaweed has been a dietary staple. There’s even research to suggest seaweed’s unique mineral-rich properties are responsible for modern human evolution. Each seaweed has different qualities, tastes, and benefits. Our sea lettuce in particular (also known as Ulva) is known for being rich in vitamins A and D, magnesium, iron, and iodine.


Q: Where is Blue Evolution seaweed grown?

A: Blue Evolution’s sea lettuce (the star of our pasta) grows in a remote, protected onshore farm in Baja Mexico that is just a stones throw from the beach. It uses no fresh water, which is critical in a major agricultural region that is struggling with an extended drought. And we’re proud to say the seawater that we send back into the ocean is actually cleaner than it was when we put it into our tanks.

We also have kelp farms in Kodiak, Alaska, where we grow kombu and wakame (our main foodservice offerings). These farms employ local fisherman, helping to reinvigorate the local economy. And while the kelp is growing (over a 7-8 month period) it creates additional nursery habitat for marine organisms and deacidifies the surrounding seawater, which helps protect shellfish from the impacts of carbon dioxide emissions.


Q: What kind of processing do you do to your seaweed?

A: Our sea lettuce is a year-round crop and is harvested weekly. Once it’s out of the seawater, it’s rinsed with more seawater, and then dried using a proprietary process that is completely natural with no chemicals or solvents. This retains the most nutrients and best, most authentic fresh flavor possible.

Our kelps are harvested annually, so they have a different path to your plate. After harvest, they are immediately blanched and frozen to lock in the flavor and nutritionals. This process extends the shelf-life from days to years!


Q: Does it matter where seaweed comes from?

A: We think so! 98% of seaweed is imported so we grow ours in North American waters, reducing the distance between harvest to plate. We also operate with the highest standards for seaweed environments, ensuring you get the most nutritious seaweed grown in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Q: Why don’t I see an organic stamp on your products?

A: We're working hard on our organic certification and should be certified shortly! Our seaweed is grown in pristine waters with simply sunlight and love. We minimally process using cutting edge drying technologies, with zero additives or chemicals. 


Q: I’ve been told to watch my salt intake, can I still eat seaweed?

A: We’re not doctors so always check with yours, but yes! The only salt in seaweed is natural, mineral rich sea salt which provides many benefits. And one of the great thing about seaweed is that a little goes a long way. Bonus: Because of the naturally occurring sea salt, you don’t need to salt the water when you cook our pasta!


Q: Can I be a seaweed farmer?

A: We hope so! We’re leading the way on scalable, environmentally sustainable, and responsible seaweed farming. Get in touch when you’re ready to join us on the journey.


Q: How do I get your products in my local store?

A: Find the manager and ask them to carry Blue Evolution! We’re adding new stores every month so keep our store locator page bookmarked. But in the meantime, you can always buy directly online to tide you over. If you're a retailer who is interested in carrying our product line, get in touch with our sales department by emailing


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