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Chicken Seaweed Noodle Soup

With fall flu season upon us, there’s no better way to fend off unwanted ailments than with a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup. Filled with nutrient-dense chicken broth, vitamin A-packed carrots and our superfood seaweed infused Penne Pasta, this recipe will help you ward off whatever comes your way, while warming your belly with a heaping serving of nostalgia.

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Seaweed Beet Burgers

Many homemade veggie burgers have their flaws—whether they’re too starchy to hold up to a fluffy bun or crumble into the coals when you try to toss them on the grill. But not these beet-y bad boys. Packed with veggies and a variety of grains — including bulgur for a toothsome bounce and quinoa for a slight crunch — these veggie burgers are the real deal.

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Spring Pea Pesto With Seaweed Infused Pasta

Yay, it’s officially spring! The birds are chirping, branches are budding and tulips are starting to poke out of the soil. Whether you’ve had a mild or mind-numbingly cold winter, we’re all ready to soak up a little sunshine and breathe in the perfume of blooming lilacs. This recipe is like spring in a bowl and the addition of our nutritious superfood seaweed rotini will put a spring in your step.

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